Program Delivery

9 credits -- face to face
6 credits -- blended format (some face to face, some online)
15 credits -- totally online
15 credits (5 classes)--I was a guinea pig. First time for the class in this format. In many cases, the balance between time for interaction and assignments was not right. Expectations regarding lots of time participating in the class discussion (with few marks given for it) along with many assignments.

Question: How much time do students in a face to face class spend in discussion and talking with each other?
One of my online classes with 3 weeks left to go, 1804 posts to class discussion. I have posted 265 of those posts.
In that same class, I had 12 assignments (one a group assignment with someone who lived in another province, our final assignment will be the entire class. One person lives in Korea so it is really hard to get together.)

Regrets: Did not read all the articles in ECUR 801
Did not participate in all class discussions

My Future PD Plans

E-Learning Conferences list Dec 2009 to Nov 2011

Collection of many PLE/PLN diagrams

Spreadsheet of every TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design Conference) Talk (most around 15 minutes long)

If this is the kind of learning that excites and engages me, how can I foster a parallel experience of learning for my students and colleagues?

My blog post re Seth Godin's blog post

It has been an uphill journey but I have learned so much and it has been totally worth it.