Scholarship in Teaching

In December 2009, I abandoned my plans to do a thesis and changed to a course-based route. Therefore I will take this class and attempt to wrap up my learning in the Masters of Education program.

Writing to Know
Our prof, Tim Molnar, believes in Writing to Know.

I think that this year, from May 2009 to April 2010, I will have written to learn more than ever before in my life.

Maybe this is one huge advantage of online classes with online discussions going on. One has lots of opportunity to write and to learn as you write.

Gathering up the Threads

Unlike with a thesis, in which I would have focused on one topic in a very concentrated manner, in this class, I have been encouraged to look at all of the classes I have learned and to synthesize my learnings. I know that I have changed but how have I changed?

Story of WebQuest - Web 1 and Web 2 (I will tell this in class but will try to post a podcast later with this story)

Do a Google search for Dinosaur webquest. First result is this webquest which was created 10 years ago by myself and Christine Todd with technical assistance from Judy Byers.