Introduction to Teacher-Librarianship

Another online class--the first time this version is offered.

We are looking at the issues for teacher-librarians.

Teacher-librarians are leaders.

Pushback: At first, I don't want to be a leader and I guess nowadays, teacher-librarians don't just take care of books, they take care of collaboration and learning.

How did I decide that I have what it takes to be a leader? Read my final reflection (after lots of online class discussion and input from my classmates):

Key Quotes: I decided that I prefer the “Join the Team” approach to leadership. Barth says that “teams offer…some safety in numbers for the cautious, companionship for the gregarious, challenge for those attempting to influence others, and…hope of making a…difference through combined strength.” (2007, p. 23) When I think about the times I have been most comfortable and productive as a leader, it was the times I worked with a committee. I was the leader but shared the leadership with others. Barth also praises the idea of a leader who leads by example—“a constant, visible model of persistence, hope, and enthusiasm” (p. 24). This describes me as well. I love to encourage others.

I think a cautionary note is brought in from the chapter on change agents (Hughes-Hassell & Harada, 2007). I need to temper my enthusiasms with a recognition of other people’s realities. Just because I want to jump on a new idea, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to join me. (Oh, wait a minute, if I’m a leader, I want other people to join me. So maybe I need to count the cost of new ideas before embracing them.)

Barth gives this definition of leadership: “Making happen what you believe in” (2007, p. 22). Barth quotes Nancy Carnevale as saying, “Education needs leaders who feel it in their souls, not just those who get up and talk” (p. 36) Moller (2007, p. 65) quotes Bennis as saying “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It’s precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult.” As I thought about this, I realized that when you can make happen what you believe in, seeing your vision and your passions turned into reality simply makes you more you—more willing, bold and vibrant—confident and shining. You are not dimmed, shut down, and discouraged.

I want to be a leader like that.
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Pushback: I thought teacher-librarians took care of books but now I discover they should be (and most are) doing so much more. How can I ever go into this position (teacher-librarian) and try to combat the misinformation of teachers about the teacher-librarian's job? If you want to read more of my thoughts on this issue, go to

I had to work with three students from other sections of this class (only names on a page to me) to create a wiki about Personnel in the Library. We held one Elluminate session to decide how to proceed. Visit our wiki.
PB Wiki for EDES 540

One of the enjoyable assignments in this class was the 3 part evaluation of a school library.
Evidence-based practice and action research can be used in the future when I have my own school library.