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Research Methods Introductory

I began this class on Saturday, the day after my Dad passed away in Regina.

The class met for six to seven weeks in May and June.

It was my first blended class--some face-to-face and the rest online using Blackboard.

The textbook was amazing but huge. We had to read most of it.

Meridith Gall, Joyce Gall, & Walter Borg. (2007). Educational Research: An Introduction, 8th Edition. Boston: Pearson.

My take-aways:

My first experience in a blended class: I discovered that I had a distinctive voice when I wrote my posts. I liked to use visual imagery. I liked to be informal, funny, and witty. I did not know that about myself. I have never written for my classmates before.

Theory triangulation--Using more than one theory when approaching a research setting.

Agency--"the assumed ability of individuals to shape the conditions of their lives" (Gall, Gall, & Borg, 2007, p. 503)

I gained experience and competence in reading refereed journal articles with reports of both qualitative and quantitative methods used for research.